2024 Song Festival information. Square drawings: Sidabro lakiūtė and Tancius.

Hello dear managers and teachers

I am sending the drawings of the dance day, the expatriate part, the two dance squares: Silver bugs" and " Dancing„.
"Sidabro lakiūtė": on page 4, General dancing in a circle, each group forms 2 rays of 4 pairs.
"Tancius" : Wheels are turned left and right, "step polka" combination is danced by turning over the right shoulder.
If you have a question or something is not clear, feel free to write, I will explain.
I also add groups numbering and distribution on the field.
Good luck everyone and see you soon 

Romas Jonušonis

The Dance Department of the LMTA Klaipėda Faculty invites you to dance studies

Dear Lithuanians of the world

The Dance Department of the Klaipėda Faculty of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater invites you to study dance. The dance and education study program conducted at the department will allow you to get to know more about Lithuanian national, classical, international, sports and contemporary dance styles. You will acquire the basics of national dance, you will get to know the methods of creating a dance lesson, you will try yourself in the creation of national dance. Professor dr. Vidmantas Mačiulskis leads the discipline of preparing Song Festivals at the department, during which students are introduced to the history of Song Festivals in the Baltic countries, their preparation methods, and the laws of making mass dance drawings.

For studies, you can choose a free listener's place and study for 1 or 2 semesters. You can create your own study grid from the study programs of various courses and study only the study subjects that are interesting and necessary for you. For tuition fees, contact LMTA admissions at priemimas@lmta.lt

After lectures, students improve their knowledge by dancing in the student national dance ensemble "Vytinė", in the Šeikos Contemporary Dance Theater, participate in educational projects, and perform in Lithuania and abroad.

The sea, Klaipėda and we are waiting for you!!!

More information: vidmantas.maciulskis@lmta.lt

2024 Song Festival Information. Letter No. 6

 Dear managers
First of all, I congratulate everyone on the Independence Day of Lithuania.
I am sending you a link to the dance "Tancius", which was filmed and sent by the dancers of "Baltijos" in Stockholm. In this video, you'll see , modified hooking while dancing in a circle and head turns. Thanks to the dancers of "Baltijos".

Everyone who has filmed "Dancing" with a hook, a basket behind, you can send us your video material, but you will have to correct that place later.

As for "Sidabro lakiutė", the dance group that sent us the filmed dances, ignore my comments. From your letters, I understood that in our North American courses, we set up the wickets in one way, your set up is different. Leave it as you learned, we will coordinate this issue with the art director and decide which option to leave. There will be no major changes here.
"Kupon einam" - not everywhere the description corresponds to the video posted on the website of the festival. This dance will be performed in the square with Lithuanian dance groups, the website contains material on how the dance is performed by Lithuanian dance groups, so please follow this option so that you all look the same.
Thanks again to those dance groups who sent in videos and we look forward to more.
Romas Jonušonis
Dance day, expatriate part coordinator

2024 Song Festival Information. Letter No. 5

Hello group leaders,
I am attaching a link where you can find dance descriptions

There are no dance descriptions

"Happy blessed" - to the enemy
"Gray bit"
Try these dances from the video.
I also want to correct myself because I made a mistake in specifying the email. Email addresses where you must send videos for selection:
Very sorry.
Dance days, artistic director, prof. At the request of Vidmantas Mačiulskis, I want to remind everyone once again that part of the diaspora is one picture. We go to the field with the "Sydabro Lakiūte" and stay until the final. Please do not switch pairs in groups. You cannot enter or leave the field. We are all 8 couples from start to finish. If the group has more than 1 circle, all circles must perform all 6 dances, one circle cannot dance the 3rd dance, the other the other 3 dances. If the dance group has 3 circles, they will occupy 3 squares, if they have 5 circles, they will occupy 5 squares in the square.
I remember the dances of the expatriate part
Sidabro lakiute
Kupon einam
Jievaro juosta
Happy blessed - resist
Little gray
I am asking everyone to send me a list of how many circles each group has and what age they belong to
For example:
Toronto "Amber" - 2 rounds (youth)
Thanks to the groups that have already sent their videos, we look forward to the others. Good luck and see you soon


Romas Jonušonis
Dance day, expatriate part coordinator

2024 Song Festival Information. Letter no. 4

Hello Dear managers and dance teachers,
I wanted to write a few short messages and remind you what you have to do, if you haven't done it yet. Time flies very quickly and soon we will all meet in Lithuania, in stadiums during rehearsals and of course at the most important dance day concerts on July 5. There is not much time and unfortunately there is a lot of work.
I want to remind you once again that all your videos for viewing must be sent to the following addresses
All those who sent me their videos, please forward those extensive videos to LNKC at the given email addresses, Živilė Adomaitiene and Jurga Gailiūta. We will be very thankful.
I also want to inform you that if you do not manage to film all the dances by February 28th, you must send the remaining dances to us by March 31st. Please send at least half of the dances by February 28, if you have filmed them all, send them all, don't wait.
I remind you that if your footage is sent with rehearsal clothes, until 2024 May 1 You must send a photo of the group in full national costumes.
A few notes.
Dear managers and teachers, the filmed dance material, which is placed on the website of the festival, in the rehearsal material, is an auxiliary tool for teaching dances. You must perform the dance according to the description, not according to the footage. Of course, if there is no description, as an example, "Laiminguos laimintuos" is opposite, here it is a different language. But anyway, other dances have descriptions and I would ask you to follow them.
Romas Jonušonis
Dance day, expatriate part coordinator