2024 Song Festival Information. Letter no. 4

Hello Dear managers and dance teachers,
I wanted to write a few short messages and remind you what you have to do, if you haven't done it yet. Time flies very quickly and soon we will all meet in Lithuania, in stadiums during rehearsals and of course at the most important dance day concerts on July 5. There is not much time and unfortunately there is a lot of work.
I want to remind you once again that all your videos for viewing must be sent to the following addresses
All those who sent me their videos, please forward those extensive videos to LNKC at the given email addresses, Živilė Adomaitiene and Jurga Gailiūta. We will be very thankful.
I also want to inform you that if you do not manage to film all the dances by February 28th, you must send the remaining dances to us by March 31st. Please send at least half of the dances by February 28, if you have filmed them all, send them all, don't wait.
I remind you that if your footage is sent with rehearsal clothes, until 2024 May 1 You must send a photo of the group in full national costumes.
A few notes.
Dear managers and teachers, the filmed dance material, which is placed on the website of the festival, in the rehearsal material, is an auxiliary tool for teaching dances. You must perform the dance according to the description, not according to the footage. Of course, if there is no description, as an example, "Laiminguos laimintuos" is opposite, here it is a different language. But anyway, other dances have descriptions and I would ask you to follow them.
Romas Jonušonis
Dance day, expatriate part coordinator