The Dance Department of the LMTA Klaipėda Faculty invites you to dance studies

Dear Lithuanians of the world

The Dance Department of the Klaipėda Faculty of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater invites you to study dance. The dance and education study program conducted at the department will allow you to get to know more about Lithuanian national, classical, international, sports and contemporary dance styles. You will acquire the basics of national dance, you will get to know the methods of creating a dance lesson, you will try yourself in the creation of national dance. Professor dr. Vidmantas Mačiulskis leads the discipline of preparing Song Festivals at the department, during which students are introduced to the history of Song Festivals in the Baltic countries, their preparation methods, and the laws of making mass dance drawings.

For studies, you can choose a free listener's place and study for 1 or 2 semesters. You can create your own study grid from the study programs of various courses and study only the study subjects that are interesting and necessary for you. For tuition fees, contact LMTA admissions at

After lectures, students improve their knowledge by dancing in the student national dance ensemble "Vytinė", in the Šeikos Contemporary Dance Theater, participate in educational projects, and perform in Lithuania and abroad.

The sea, Klaipėda and we are waiting for you!!!

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